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These short videos are not “demos”. Instead, they show one way to set-up Simple Intranet. But many organizations are unique! That’s why you can customize almost everything – and with no coding required. Bottom line – Simple Intranet can flex to meet your needs.

  • Homepage Personalization
Drag and Drop Widgets

Users can dynamically change their homepage layout by dragging and dropping their widgets to the desired position!

Setting Your Language Preference

In the Enterprise Cloud version, you can choose which languages you need for your organization. Then, by user, you can dynamically switch between them by selecting the flag icon in the top-bar.

  • People & Org Chart
People Directory

You can edit your user profile – which is a repository for both personal and public information. Only HR and the user can view personal information, while public information is in the main directory to encourage more employee engagement and interaction!

Organization Charts

The employee directory feeds Org Charts and maintains reporting relationships in a graphical format. You can add departmental or team org charts as well.

  • Calendars & Events
Organization Calendar

Each user can drop-and-drag  homepage widgets according to their preferences. Users can also select their preferred language by choosing one of the flags in the top-bar.

Leave and other Calendars

Set an overall organization calendar with as many sub-calendars as you want: Departmental, Team, Leave — any category! Sync with your Google or Exchange calendar  as well.

  • My Work

Projects are extremely useful for tracking discrete pieces of work – either for internal initiatives or billable client work. You define tasks and assign users to projects.


Tasks are assigned to Projects and can be allocated to users. Hours and status are tracked within the assigned project.

Time Entry

Users who are assigned to Projects can enter their time against Tasks allocated to them – either daily, or in spreadsheet mode for efficiency.

Reports & Charts

Detailed and filterable Work Reports provide visibility to all work, projects and tasks! Charts by user show what work has been done across projects and tasks.

  • My Actions
Manage Time Off

Instantly see your vacation balance and apply for time off, which is routed to supervisor for approval.

Create a Support Ticket

Creating support tickets (whether IT or HR related) is easy and will be routed to your support personnel for action.

Booking Rooms & Resources

Booking rooms or other resources can be a huge source of frustration. Not in Simple Intranet!  Users can reserve rooms and other resources with a simple self-service form to keep things running smoothly.

Posting & Applying for Jobs

Encourage upward and lateral mobility by having new job openings accessible. Your best candidates are often inside your organization!

  • My Documents
Your Personal Library

Each user can drop-and-drag  homepage widgets according to their preferences. Users can also select their preferred language by choosing one of the flags in the top-bar.

Access & File Sharing

The My Work menu allows managers to define projects and tasks, while employees enter their time against both elements.

  • My Teams
Discussions Feed

In today’s remote work environment, the “watercooler” is now virtual. Discussion Feeds allows users to participate in multiple conversations in real-time!

Team Content

Place your team’s documents in one place so they are available in the main menu. You can restrict documents based on user profile and team affiliation.

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